#35. Love Yourself

This might be one of my shorter posts, but I think the picture mostly speaks for itself. Here’s to independent thought (if we want to call it that…). All I would like to… Continue reading

#34. Words of Encouragement

I was Youtube-surfing this afternoon and I decided to take a chance on something I hadn’t done in a while: read the comments. Now, the song I was listening to was very beautiful… Continue reading

#33. Sex Sells

Last week, I found this quiz on Buzzfeed called: “Can You Guess What These Sexist Adverts Are Trying To Sell?” Here is the link: http://www.buzzfeed.com/rossalynwarren/can-you-guess-what-these-adverts-are-trying-to-sell I had to sit on this post for a… Continue reading

#32. A Mathematical Breakdown of Music

Recently, I have been going over some basic music lessons with a family member who is a musician but never had a formal music education. This person knows all about the technique and… Continue reading

#31. Love of Country

“As a child, you think the world begins and ends with the threshold of the house where you were born, with the edge of the village or town in which you first saw… Continue reading

#30. Narrative

Narrative asserts the power of men to be born, develop, and die, the tendency of institutions and actualities to change, the likelihood that modernity and contemporaneity will finally overtake “classical” civilizations; above all,… Continue reading

#29. Edward Said: Orientalism

Orientalism is a Western perspective and treatment of “the East” that has developed in history from an imperial relationship, in which Western powers (Said focuses on British, French, and later, American) occupy a privileged position… Continue reading

#28. Access to Information

Last night I went to the bookstore with a friend. While I was browsing, my friend came and stood next to me. I asked if he was in a hurry to leave, and he said… Continue reading

#27. Old Photos

People break up. Their relationship status on Facebook changes. Sometimes, all traces of the past are wiped out. Pictures are deleted. Friend counts go down one. Or several. I have seen this happen… Continue reading

#26. First Impressions

When I was an undergrad, on more than one occasion, the following question was posed to my classmates and I: do you think what you wear reflects the kind of person you are?… Continue reading